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Personal Time and Self Improvement


Shane works from home, doing what he loves. But noticed that he was beginning to spend all of his time working. And considers the first steps to rebalance his work and life:

…but it got out of hand for me. At some point, a few months ago, I realized that work had taken over all of my waking hours. I would literally get up in the morning, have a quick breakfast and then start working. And I would do nothing but work until some time very late at night, when I’d go to bed again. I was spending all of my time for my projects and for other people…I wasn’t always super-productive. Sometimes I wouldn’t work morning till evening. Far from it. Some days, I’d spend hours and hours with idle distractions.

This immediately resonated with me. They are words I could not have spoken better myself. He advocates setting aside a certain amount of time to yourself for self-improvement and fulfilling activities. As a family man, I think I will need to set aside two kinds

90 Minutes – The Only Habit You Need to be Successful

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