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Long Term Travel…going to Madrid [Travel Tuesdays]


One of the most important concepts I took from the Four Hour Work Week was the concept of long term travel.  The concept is simple. Step 1: Get yourself into a job where you work from home. Step 2: Make your “home” anywhere in the world you want for several months to a year at a time.

The Four Hour Work Week has several accounts of people that spend 6 – 18 months overseas in the most amazing places. It would be ideal to not have to “work” while you are living there. But even taking a “working vacation” in these places would be a life-changing experience.


My family and I will be starting off slowly, just dipping out toes in the water. We will be going to Madrid for four weeks.  We chose Madrid for a few reaons:

  • My wife and I are both Hispanic (I am of Cuban descent, and my wife is Honduran) so we are both pretty comfortable speaking spanish.
  • We had a strong preference for western Europe for our first trip because if the perceived level of security compared to most latin-american countries
  • My wife studied abroad in Spain (Salamanca) for a month in college and has wanted to go back and see everything there again.
  • Although my family (Parents and siblings) have made a few trips to Madrid (and loved it) I have not been there since I was about 4
  • Madrid is central enough to Spain that it provides easy access by train / plane to various cities (Barcelona, Sevilla, Toledo, Paris, Grenada, Gibraltar, Tangiers) that we were interested in seeing.
  • I love tapas and wine

A “working vacation” is one in which you travel to another city, but you continue to do work while you are there.  Although having nothing but free time when traveling is ideal, this is still great because of the way in which I like to travel. When I (and my wife) travel, our preference is to stay in parts of the city that are less touristy and doing our best to live the local lifestyle. Going to Spain is as much about waking up every morning and going to the panaderia (bakery) and getting bread and espresso with milk, or churro with chocolate, having lunch and a stroll at El Parque del Retiro, and going for tapas and wine or beer at a local bar as it is about seeing Cathedrals and the Prado Museum.

In my Travel Tuesdays series I plan to detail some items about my trip. What we (my wife mostly) considered in planning the itinerary, what I plan to pack, what I have decided to do without while over there. As well as some of the challenges of long term overseas travel with a toddler.


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