Relaunching a project 0
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Relaunching a project

Infovore is going to be a relaunch (and generalization of) Superhumanist. I am hoping to grow this into a podcast network with several shows I would love to listen to (and hope you will too!)

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Dressing for Success: The Suit [Wardrobe Wednesday] 0
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Dressing for Success: The Suit [Wardrobe Wednesday]

Until recently I have only owned one suit. A noticeably dated suit to anyone that follows men’s fashion closely. A Perry Ellis suit with a 4-button jacket. In order to make a great change in a particular area of your life, it is often helpful to model your goal following someone that you feel embodies it very well.  In my […]

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Design Taking Centre Stage

Built on a Feature Rich Core, Balance with Beautiful Splendour. Make use of the many and varied integrated Extensions with Infuse such as RokStories, RokTabs and RokAjaxSearch. Infuse is packed with features such as the SEO Optimised Layout, the Fusion Menu and the many integrated Extensions. The theme places Design, Art & Style at its centre, but this is not […]

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Be Captivated and Amazed, Infuse 2010

March has begun and ready at your finger tips is the new and feature rich Infuse Template. Browse through the catalogue of 6 unique, detailed and professional style variations, ready for a multitude of different audiences, genres and / or purposes.

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Kicking off the SuperHumanist Blog

So here we are, a week into 2010, and the first post of the year goes up. It can only improve from here. First: What’s this Blog about? Its about two things: My search to “have it all” and what that even means. Everything I learn along the way…the tips, tricks and “lifehacks” Starting with the Easy One: Everything I […]

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Personal Time and Self Improvement

Shane works from home, doing what he loves. But noticed that he was beginning to spend all of his time working. And considers the first steps to rebalance his work and life: …but it got out of hand for me. At some point, a few months ago, I realized that work had taken over all of my waking hours. I […]

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About Data, Decisions, and Becoming Smarter Than Yourself

Seth Godin ponders the power of data driven decisions and our ability to make them and do the relevant research so easily in the internet age. He also wonders at our tendency to the status quo and our tendency to trust our gut more than the data. Data mining and the proximity of the internet to most of what we […]

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Seth Godin: Upside vs Downside

Seth Godin Makes a stunning observation about the effort that goes into making a customer’s experience great vs. making it just not horrible Here’s a rule that’s so inevitable that it’s almost a law: As an organization grows and succeeds, it sows the seeds of its own demise by getting boring. With more to lose and more people to lose […]

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